Tuesday, November 07, 2006


if you haven't already done it,

we're losing rights right and left, but we still have this! GO AND DO IT!!!! NOW!!!! and if you've already done it, GOOD ON YA! Voting is important. I really don't care about those people who say "my vote doesn't really count" IT DOES!!!! i don't want to hear ANYONE bitching to me about the state of our country unless they get off of their duffs and VOTE! THEN you can bitch and moan all you want.

we now have TWO sick kids in the house (though rhys is seeming MUCH better today - KNOCK WOOD, THROW SALT!)
. We leave this afternoon for Lodi and then tomorrow we make the trek w/pat and bob to DISNEYLAND. All kids WILL BE BETTER! that's the law.

i'm making phone calls until we leave to make sure that people are voting and if they can't get to the polls that they have a ride to them. the race here in washoe county, and, in fact, ALL of nevada is well and truly neck and neck. we have early voting, so i voted last week. i went on sunday w/our precinct administrator (that's the wrong title -- i can't remember exactly what it is) and put those voter door hangers on doors of those people we knew hadn't yet voted.

more when i get back (unless there is wi-fi and i'm not exhausted...then i might try to post).

now stop reading and run to the polls! *smile*


Carrie said...

Done and done.

I would have been there first thing this morning but we had so many judges to vote on. I had to do my research.

Go Dems!

(now go have fun)

Deb R said...

I voted, I promise! :-)
And I nagged about it on my blog too. Sending get well thoughts toward your kiddos!~~~~~

Jennie said...

Kristin, was that you leaving all those messages on my phone? ;) I voted! I voted! Now, don't visit my blog for a while, okay? I have "voting issues" and I don't want you to take them personally. ;)

KaraMia said...

lol, well I voted, but i'm not sure were on the same side of the party line..so you may wish I didn't. Hehe