Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More pictures will be forthcoming

I could have sworn i told blogger to put this in the middle - whatever.

here are various stages of pumpkinness. it took quite a while to do and i'm tired b/c it's late. i'll do the outfits tomorrow.

hallween was wonderful and fun. rhys was TOTALLY into it this year. Irene, of course was into it as well. last year, rhys went along for the ride. this year he practically RAN to every house. it was great fun to watch. i was going to stay home and give out the candy this year...then saw the sheer excitement in his eyes and rob and i both decided to leave the candy out w/a note and all of us would go around our neighborhood.

irene was tinkerbell. rhys was Super Rhys Fairy - or Super Fairy Rhys. totally what he wanted to be. i had a great buzz lightyear costume from a friend. he was completely uninterested. he wanted a mask. he wanted wings. he wanted a cape. so that's what we did.

now, i need to head to bed. but i have to say that the kids and i had a lovely day in susanville with laume, her daughter, and 3 grandbabies!


Deb R said...

You probably did tell Blogger to put the photos in the middle. Blogger is notorious for not listening. ;-) Love the pics!

Carrie said...

Oh I'm so excited! that several pumpkins? Did you carve them all?

I can't wait to see the costumes. I fell like a little kid and giddy.

KaraMia said...

Super Rhys Fairy, got to love it