Monday, November 06, 2006

Somebody's sick. We must be going on a trip.

we have a great big great and wonderful trip planned. we leave tomorrow to go to Lodi and spend the night at rob's folks house, then all of us will caravan in our priuses to The Paradise Pier hotel and spend the next two days at disneyland w/grammie and gramps (pat and bob - rob's parents). it will be wonderful and fabulous. my girlfriend, judy, and her family will meet us there on friday and we're going to have lunch at the blue bayou.

so this morning, everyone woke up feeling fine. no problems. i was upstairs folding a mountain of laundry. rob had left for work. suddenly, rhys was NOT feeling well. i came downstairs after he called for me - cleaned him up, took him upstairs to get a bath and freshen up a bit more. got out of the tub, more runs, and some throwing up. joy.

it truly is astounding how often this happens. murphey likes us, i guess. right now i'm trying to get a wee bit of chamomile tea down him and a little bit of cracker. it's no fun throwing up bile, right? it is my fervent hope that this is just a wee little bug that is over today.


Deb R said...

Oh dear. I hope Rhys feels better soon and none of the rest of you feel bad at all!

Carrie said...

Oh poor baby.

I hope you have a great time on your trip. I'm so jealous.