Wednesday, March 26, 2008


how very cool is it that my little brother and rob's big sister have the same birthday?? VERY VERY cool, i say! both of them, unfortunately, live Very Far Away from us, so we can't be there to attend either of their birthdays, but we are thinking of them very much on their special day!!

found a younger debbie. :) here is debbie (the tallest), melissa (in white), and connie (the littlest) in 1964 or 65.

(Debbie in 1969 when the De Haans were living in Peru)

and here she is in February with her very favorite brother

this is Jeremy with me in 1976. he's pretty new, i'm either almost 6 or just 6.

ACK!!! i need to find where the pictures are from Gramma's 90th birthda b/c i think that's the most recent picture i have of Jer. of course, come this summer, we'll have NEW PICTURES!!! WITH ALL Nana and Sensei's kids and grandkids!!! can't wait for that!!!!!!! when i find the picture, i'll add it in - in the meantime, i'll put a few other pix of Jer that i have through the years (that i have on the computer already)
here is jer in between jolie and me on a tram at disneyland in 1983.
and this must be in 1987 - cousin Erica (10), Jeremy looking thrilled (11), and a crazily permed 17 year old me.

i hope you both are having a fantastic day!

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