Wednesday, May 31, 2006

words and phrases

there are some things that both of my kids say or have said that i love. no, not just love, but rather, LOVE. words that make me happy b/c of the sweetness of them. no, not I Love You, Mama (though those are my very favorite words, and make me melt). these are the words and phrases that the kids have made up themselves. some are new words altogether, some are phrases put together in a new way. i'm hoping i remember most of them so i can post them here.

my new favorite one from rhys is:

peek - as in, Mama, can i please peek my shoes on? or, let's peek it here. i don't want to take it to school. you know, PEEK! as in KEEEEEEP :)

'you make me sad AGAIN!' said to me or rob whenever we say no to something he really wants, but doesn't get to have. and it's usually quite tearful.

'my nastics' = my gymnastics

"i'm so glad of you!" - i love this phrase of rhys'. it just says it all.

deeveeoh = dvd

kaidohdee = coyote. when we lived in our rental house just after moving here, we could hear coyotes ALL THE TIME. it was wondeful. we had 2 families of 4 living behind us. i know some people do not like coyotes b/c they eat cats (among other things), but, the poor coyotes. we are SO TOTALLY encroaching on their space. they are really beautiful and i love listening to them sing. we don't hear them quite as much here in our new house.**thank you to debR for jogging my memory**

'Don't Say About It, Mama' said in a very serious voice. sometimes it was 'Don't Even Say About It, Mama' when it was something to be emphasized. again, it was often said when he was getting told no. or we were going somewhere he didn't want to go. sadly, this phrase has gone by the wayside...but some of my friends and i still use it.

smoooooky = spoooooky (another word that is gone *sob*)

'luhvoooo' oh woe is me. rhys can now happily say i love you clearly...

pip - used to describe ketchup or most any other sauce - but mostly it's ketchup (i can't believe i almost forgot that one!) there have been a few times that he's used the correct word - dip, or ketchup, or whatever...and i think NOOOOOOOOO!!!! it's PIP!

beebees and keekees - what rhys used to call his baby and blankie. it was always both - beebees and keekees is? now beebees is baby and keekees is blankies. blankies is always plural. and is a girl. rhys refers to her as she. it's pretty funny. blankies is VERY necessary for good sleeps to happen. and yes, sleeps is plural too.

"_____ is???" - this was used to find out where someone or something was. he doesn't do that either. but it would be like this "mama is?" "renebean is?" "tchuck is?"

tchash tchuck - trash truck. jones and driver make the trash truck do what it needs to do. rhys decided that indiana jones worked on the trash truck b/c one of the guys that used to come to our rental had, what rhys felt was, a jones hat.

renebean - Irene. i'll be very sad when this one goes - but i think that she'll always be renebean.

there are more....i need to think and will add more -- hopefully rob will help me too.

some of irene's words and phrases:

chother - i'm SO sad this one is gone. it's what she said for "each other" but also seemed to be like him or her self. there were several phrases of chothers. their chother, our chother, your chother, his chother, her chother, my chother. i said something the other day and used it in front of irene. the response i got was: "It's EACH other, mama." waaaaaaah! i let her know that up until she turned 6, she would say their chother. "when i was a baby first talking?" no, honey, like just a few months ago... "oh."

polem - when she was almost 4, irene recited a poem. i still have it, just need to find it. but this is what she said to me, "mama, i have a polem, can you write it down?" and so i did. it was called All To Me. a polem by irene. :) she knows they are poems now.

kidding beans - kidney beans

Finding Lemo - it doesn't seem to matter that we've told her he's NEMO, she insists, STILL, that it's Lemo. *smile*

**thanks to rob for the memory jogs**

Irene's first sentences were:
"Mo' miout peas" (more milk please - used when she wanted to nurse) and "Mo' boot peas" (more book please)

Rhys would say "Mo mulk peas" for more milk please - also referring to rhys. it later became 'can i nuhse you' and 'can i nuhse bed?' heh heh.

'Feel me better' (also feel you better) used by Irene after any physical or emotional injury.

there are more....just wish i could think of them right now.


Deb R said...

Oooh, Oooh, I remember when Irene dictated the polem to you! You posted it on one of the lists we're on together (don't remember which list it was though). That was wonderful!

In fact, all these words and phrases are wonderful! They should be required to keep using them while at home. :-D

One of my favorite kid-words is from my now-15-year-old (sob!) nephew: "KIE-dee-OH-tees." (You may know them as "coyotes.") He was very excited when he got to hear the KIEdeeOHtees howl on a camping trip when he was little. :-)

Anonymous said...

Another one of my favorites that Irene used (and maybe Rhys too) is "Feel me better". It was used after any physical or emotional injury. "Mama, can you feel me better?"

I also liked the way Irene and Rhys said "Milk" when they were little. As in, "Mo' milt please!" or "Mo' mulk please." I think Irene used the first iteration and Rhys used the second one.

:-D eirdre said...

My favorite word of Morgan's was Broccle Trees - and I think she was right - Broccoli does look like a little tree.

Something I wish I had taped when before Morgan really spoke was she could sing the melody to the Barney song but it sounded like Astro the dog was singing it - because all the words were made up - the tune and melody however, was Dead-On!