Friday, December 22, 2006


It's IRENE BANINE, RENIEBEANIE, RENEBEAN's birthday today. She's SEVEN. Dear me how did that happen??? The years just seem to zoom, don't they? and because it's her birthday, you will all have to suffer through pictures...

here i am on december 17th, 1999. Irene was due on the 12th. it was another 5 days before i had her on the outside.
here's rob wheelng stuff to the OR. After much labor, Lima's heartrate was not recovering after contractions (she was lima in utero - we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl). So, off to the OR we went. It all seemed to go very quickly. I got quite irritated by the massive contractions I was having b/c we'd already decided we weren't *DOING* it that way! heh. anyway, irene knew what was best b/c her cord was wrapped around her neck and through her legs. It would have been too exciting in a not very good way if we'd continued along the "natural" course.
look at that girlie of mine! this is the first time i saw her up close. she was nice and pink and got amazing APGARs for a c-section baby - she'd been working hard so she was all the things she needed to be - she got 9 and 10 for her apgar scores! she was 8 pounds 9 oz and was born at 10:04 pm
here we are - our first family portrait *beam* this is on christmas eve. TNT had their Christmas Story marathon going on - so we had 24 hours of knowing exactly what was on tv and i could watch it when i was nursing . it is the movie that always reminds me of this time. look at those pink toes -- and slightly yellow face -- the jaundice was quickly remedied after we got home.the hospital volunteers make these stockings for all the holiday babes. the 21st was the fullest brightest moon in some huge amount of years - so many babies were born - but irene was the only girl.
here we are - christmas day - getting ready to go home. my papoosed girlie in her special bonnet made for her by Janice Caspary.

and now we jump ahead almost 6 months -- here's my very happy very segmented girl. isn't she darling? the answer is yes, just in case you are in doubt *heh heh*and another 6 months later, it's irene's first birthday - here she is standing tall with her daddy.
and here she is in her christmas stocking -- what a difference 12 months makes!

christmas 2000

and here she is on december 12.

Happy birthday, baby girl.
I love you!


Carrie said...

Ohhh Kristen! I love this. I want a Christmas baby with a stocking. She is so adoreable!

Does she sing "All I want for Christmas"?

kristen said...

heh heh, as a matter of fact, she does. she's gotten one of her front teeth - waiting and waiting for the next one to come in.

christmas babies in stockings are great - but figuring out b-day parties can be hard, so we now do a big to do w/friends and such in june at the halfway point. makes it a leeeetle bit easier - then a special b-day w/family on her day and present opening during our so. cal visit as well. the video on rob's blog is from dad and moni's house. we drove down on her b-day that year, if i remember correctly.

Deb R said...

Even in that way-back photo of her in the swimsuit, she still looks so very Irene-ish! :-) Happy Birthday, Irene!!

KaraMia said...

I love these pics!!! Happy Birthday!

:-D eirdre said...

Great PHOTOS! She is growing up too fast! But your photos remind us how she has changed (and stayed the same)

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

deb - thanks :) it's funny how much she does look the same-ish

kara - thank you. it was fun finding and scanning some of those old pictures

:-dierdre - thank you so much! it is crazy how fast the time zooms past!