Sunday, December 31, 2006

if you don't know me by now...

carrie and kara had this posted -- i can't remember if i've done it before or not.

1. i knew rob was the one the day after i met him when he called me as soon as i got home from the first day of my 1st senior year of college - so, on august 29th, 1991.

2. i speak spanish fluently (well, more fluently when i've been speaking it a bit more, but it wouldn't take toooo much to really be fluent again), i can speak italian passingly if i need to, i can sign pretty well - especially after subbing a day or two w/mom's class.

3. i have an indescribable adoration for brendan frasier

4. i am a member of Alpha Xi Delta (beta class, theta beta)

5. i have visited every state west of the mississippi, plus new york, ohio, virginia, new york, maine, massachusetts, drove through new hampshire, was in the airport in georgia and in illinois. most of the western states i visited first w/my dad the summer my folks got divorced in 1976. we went on a huge monthlong camping trip (we didn't camp everywhere, but most of the places we did).


Carrie said...

1. When Adam first gave me a sign, I knew that he would be mind. I told my mom that he would be my boyfriend.

2. I was saying just last night how I wish I spoke Italian. I should speak spanish but I am lazy. Most of my clients are hispanic plus Nakyla's girlfriend is Mexican.

3. Aha! What a surprise.

4. That is awesome!

5. So you've been to Oklahoma? Flat huh? A month long camping trip, not that is rare.

kristen said...

yes, flat indeed :) so was kansas. just flat. that's what my almost 6 year old memory remembers.

we would do a big long camping trip every year when i lived w/my dad and stepmom. one year we drove up the coast and went to canada, many times we'd go up the coast and stay for a while in oregon. i've mentioned all the teachers in my family before, so we all had the same months off until the schools down south (so cal) went year round.