Tuesday, December 05, 2006


ugh. yesterday i lost my keys. well, they were lost before that, i just didn't quite realize it. totally and completely LOST. well and truly L.O.S.T.

when did i discover that? oh, that would be at 8:50 am. oh, what's that, you say? that's the time i'm supposed to get irene to school? why, by george, you're right! so, i then looked for rob's keys. he rarely takes them b/c w/the prius, there's one key that you just need to have in your pocket or backpack and the car starts w/o a key. nope. he took them to work today. they are in his backpack. delightful. it's now almost 9. i've looked in all the usual places. no keys. called the neighbor - they are not going to school today. carp. called ken. he was at the car place, but if i didn't find someone else to take her, he'd pick her up and take her after he was done. called irina - PHEW! bless her fabulousness, she came and picked up irene and took her to school. i think irene was only about 1/2 hour late. i had called school to let them know irene would be late. i sent a note with her saying that i had well and truly lost my keys and it was not irene's fault she was late. irene was also going to need to take the bus home. not something that pleased her b/c she was going to do it by herself. happily, she got Prilla (the amazon price for this doll is insane! i got two in a box for 12.00!) in her advent stocking, b/c i allowed her to take Prilla to school to keep her company on the bus.

after getting irene off with irina to school, i proceeded to look in all sorts of places for the keys. i looked through the laundry, i looked in the freezer, i looked in the bathroom, the
bedroom, the junk drawers, the present drawer, the bags i'd gone through the previous day, the garage, i wiggled and jiggled the trash can b/c i'd dumped a ton of various and sundry non recycleable objects in there on sunday while rob and i were moving things in the garage (YEA we can fit both cars into the garage!!). still nothing. i looked in rhys' room, my room, irene's room, the office. i looked in the under the stairs area, i looked through boxes. i looked through all the christmas carpolio that is in boxes in our front room. i looked briefly through my girl scout box. nothing. nothing nothing. in between times, i did stuff on teh computer, fed rhys, played w/rhys, and tried not to think about it. i sent up a prayer to st. anthony (i firmly believe that it doesn't matter that i'm not catholic and not organized religionish!). i looked SW from where i thought i might have lost them as per dara who had done a divination for me (btw, do go and see the wonderful picture of dara and the delightful miss sadie on her blog - it's really wonderful).

rhys and i picked irene up from the bus - she asked me if i'd found my keys. still nothing in that department, though i *DID* find an extra Rav4 key that i didn't realize we had - but i didn't find that until it was too late to p/u irene. by the time rob got home, i was so totally and completely exhausted. i fell asleep briefly while putting rhys to bed, then ended up going to bed at 9. this is pretty unheard of for rob and me. we usually go to bed closer to 11:00.

rob left his keys here for me to get copies made. i took irene to school w/those keys. i had my girl scout leader mentor and her daughter (who, funnily enough, is named Reese, so when our kids are together, we have two rhys/reeses) coming over so we could brainstorm about World Thinking Day . so, soon after Reba arrived, i went to get out one of my brownie books. guess what was inside of my big notebook? the one i'd had rob get out on saturday so he could give me a phone number? if you guessed MY FREAKIN' KEYS, you win the prize! phew! what an amazing thing. the minute men had taken them. or, perhaps, the fairies. i'm just glad they were returned. i'm still going to make copies of my keys b/c it's good to have a spare set. JUST IN CASE!

okay, i need to shower and figure out what we're doing in brownies today :)


Carrie said...

Don't you hate when those stinkin' fairies do that? I never lose my keys, it's the cell phone. It is probably because I hate it. If the world would not end if I didn't have it, I would toss it.

I'm glad you found your keys and I am glad to see you today.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found them!
I was still hoping for the bath tub, though. :)
Sorry I missed you today...
Love, Anna

kristen said...

thanks carrie - i actually like my cell phone quite a lot. i try not to be rude w/it, but b/c we don't have long distance on our landline, we neeeeeed our cells to talk to friends and family who are far away.

yay indeed, anna!! i would have had a HUGE laugh if they had been in the bathtub!