Thursday, December 07, 2006

k is for....

what? you don't REMEMBER the word play lists? i can't imagine why. i mean, it's only been a million and one months since i've done learn more about the personal alphabets, click here

kristen – that would be me. and really, i suppose you could say that it's a lot of other people about my age -- most of them spell their name kristin, not -en. what's funny is that my mom said she'd had my name picked out for a long time.

krickie/krick – my nickname. it’s one of those nicknames that only people who have known me since I was quite young can call me that. other people that try – well, it just sounds weird.

kris – what my roommates in spain called me — actually, it sounds more like krees – but that’s not even right b/c the r isn’t a hard r sound...anyway, there is also Kris who is my sister’s partner. some day when the PTB realize that love is love and everyone should be allowed to marry, she’ll be my sister-in-law.

karly – my darling 2 year old niece. she is dear and sweet and I miss not getting to see her and to see jake as often as we used to. jolie says that she is speaking full sentences and saying things like “I am going to put this down beside me” *beam*! as with jake, I was lucky enough and truly honored to be there when she was born.

kauaii – heh heh. we had one of those family trips to kauaii the summer before I started my senior year. mom and ken must’ve saved up for quite a while to take all of us there. anyway, it was one of those trips where just about everything went wrong. there were pieces of luggage lost, the black sand beach was actually ash-y, we took a way too long hike that was supposed to get us to the bottom of a beautiful waterfall...we ended up at the top where it was not so pretty. we did have quite a bit of fun along with the snafus and now it is very very funny. it could have been national lampoon’s hawaiian vacation.

kismet – I absolutely believe in kismet.

kiss – I love kisses. LOVE them.

kangaroo – what a cool animal the kangaroo is. when my gramma came back from her big trip to Australia, she brought me back the book Dot and the Kangaroo – a wonderful story. she also brought me a koala doll.

karma – something else in which my belief is firm. what comes around does go around. not always in the way you might think. put out good things and do good things, then good things come back to you. put out bad and it comes and bites you – hard!

kare kare – a song by Crowded House that I like a lot

Koko – my mom and stepdad have belonged to the Gorilla Foundation for as long as I can remember. mom and I went to one of their open house/meetings when I was in high school. when my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me in college, mom sent me back to school w/their large koko stuffed animal. many tears went into that poor gorilla.

keep away - this is what basketball seems like to me. i don't like the game. partly b/c i'm short, i suppose, so that monkey in the middle/keep away kind of game just ends up making me very angry.

kilt - i love kilts on men. they look nice on women too, but i find them quite stunning on men. ken has some and i have a picture of him in it - lemme see if it will upload jeremy and ted (two of my brothers - both mcraes) wore kilts to my wedding. i've scanned those pictures but they're on a computer that doesn't want to connect to mine.

kettle corn - yum. just yum. i don't really like the microwavable kind. i like the kind you get at the farmers market. DIVINE!!!

keys - so happy to have found mine.

kiwi - i love kiwis (the fruit) and i find the bird quite facinating. i'd love to go to New Zealand. some day....

killer whale - when rob and i went to alaska w/rob's parents, we saw a pod of orcas swimming freely and happily. they were quite close to the boat we'd chartered. i will never ever forget it - all those dorsal fins straight up and happy. there were some babies and some HUGE ones and everything in between. it was like magic.

kindred spirit - i have some kindred spirits i've met, and some i know really well but have only met online. all of them are farther away than i'd like them to be. it's very special knowing that there is someone who understands where you are coming from and can totally relate b/c they do similar things.

karaoke - i really do enjoy some good fun karaoke. it's always more fun when a bit of alcohol is involved. i sang joy to the world (the 3 dog night version - not the xmas song) in a little town called Cowdenbeath when i was in scotland. i also sang it w/my sister at my bachelorette party in san francisco. my girlfriends did the signing for it -- very fun version of signing - the signs for boys and girls were particularly amusing.

kind - i think the world would be a better place if people placed kindness ahead of a lot of different things. i want my children to grow up to be kind people. sometimes i fail miserably at being kind. but i do try. i'm currently reading a book called _above all, be kind_. it's mostly quite good, but sometimes the author gets a bit onto her high horse...

kennebunkport - after our first two honeymoon destinations went up in hurricainitude, we chose to go to Maine. kennebunk was the first place we stayed. the bed and breakfast was divine - it's called "Captain Lord Mansion" - it was hugely romantic and the food was just lovely. I believe we stayed in the Regulator room. thanks, rob :)

knot - i need to learn how to make several different knots so that i can be a better girl scout leader.

knowledge - i strive to learn more whenever i can. i'm currently waiting to hear about grad school....i really loved college. didn't so much like the tests and whatnot, but i LOVED the learning.

kumquat - yummilicious! my gramma lala has a kumquat tree. i love those little tart citrus delights.

okay - i'm sure that there are more k words - but this is what i've got for now :) how long do you suppose it will take me to get L done???


Deb R said...

Oh, I figured you were planning to post "L" tomorrow! :-D

I love the wordplay series. I miss doing those lists! You have great K-stuff on yours!!

Anonymous said...

Kare Kare is the name of a beach in New Zealand near where Neil Finn lives (or used to live?) If you've ever seen 'The Piano', it's the beach that they land on at the beginning of the movie.

I know how to tie a few knots. The benefits of having spent some time on sailboats as a kid...

Anonymous said...

One more thing...

I think the room we stayed in at the Captain Lord Mansion was the Regulator.

Carrie said...

I was reading on your blog a couple of weeks ago and came across some of your first entries and know exactly what the letter game is. Yay!

I'm a true believer of karma and I protect mine. Love kiwi. Adam tried his first this week.

You sound like you have had such a full life. All the traveling you have done makes me envious.

Carrie said...

Kristen, I think it would be fun if you signed up for this.

You just gotta get to know these girls.

kristen said...

deb - hahahaha. whew. you are the most funny ever (and i can't remember if i've told you, but i do like that new picture - the colors are very vibrant).

rob - see, this is why i married you! you can tell everyone where kare kare is, you know how to make knots and you remember what our room looked like on our honeymoon. you still make me swoon!

carrie - oh cool! you should do the letters too - it's fun. i just don't always remember to do it. and i'd really like to make it super linky, but i don't (no, that wasn't kinky it was LLLLLinky - hmmm, kinky, another k word....). i feel very lucky that i got to live in spain for a year. it's one of the things that i'd never ever ever change for the world. i think that anyone whow CAN live in a totally different place for a year, should. it's eye opening and a good way to truly get a world view and see how others view the US.

about the contest -- i really didn't ever have the stereotypical 80s hair -- just that picture i had on my blog - and that was in the 90s - for a costume party...should i send THAT in???