Friday, August 04, 2006


why is it that people (no, i don't mean ALLLLL people, i mean SOME people) go insane here in the states when on a magazine go ape over the fact that there is a baby latched onto a breast? DUDE! GET OVER IT! the baby is EATING. it is NOT sexual and if it makes you uncomfortable, LOOK AWAY! i just don't get it. why does the US push formula so much? is nursing easy? not at the beginning. at least not for every mother. do some mothers truly have lactating issues? yes. but for most of us moms, this is something do-able. it's FREE. do you know how much formula costs? ugh ugh ugh! i'm so tired of people saying that "it's disgusting" to nurse and that "it's sexual." some people are just plain ignorant.

grr argh! i wonder if HATHOR knows about this yet....


KaraMia said...

I nursed for the first few months then had to switch to formula because my son was never full enough...but I still think it's a wonderful thing as a mother that we can do for the child. I agree, people are too quick to freak on this issue. The picture is tasteful, not vulgar

KaraMia said...

oh, here via michele today

JulieZS said...

aieeeee! A breast, being used for nourishment! Avert your eyes, burn the magazine, lock up your children. Bah humbug! If you want to get even madder go read the comments on this very image at a liberal new images analysis website, sheesh:

Lostcheerio said...

WOW. This article just shocked the hell out of me. Somebody tore the cover off the magazine? IT MADE SOMEONE'S HUSBAND UNCOMFORTABLE!?? What is WRONG with people? If I had heard about this instead of reading it for myself, I would have never believed it. What is the bfd?!?

It. Is. What. Boobs. Are. For.

That's why milk comes out of them after you have a baby! Good grief!

Tracie said...

Craziness craziness!!

Michele sent me to say hi!

moon said...

I could not agree with you more kristen..and like you said, it's just pure ignorance. And I believe BREAST ENVY lol.
Michele sent me.
Have a great day.

alex said...

I agree with Lostcheerio! Sexual? No way.. its a part of life and a bonding between mother and child. Disturbing.

Here via Michele's today.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Michele sent me>

I saw this somewhere else recently and they had a simmilar reaction (ie why is this photo a problem?) My wife and I expect to nurse when the day comes but some of our friends use formula as a supliment not a substitute. Tha is, they use it for on-the-go feeding and when baby sitting occurs. They also pump but it doesn't always meet their needs.

kristen said...

ahoy there all y'all. Thanks so much for the comments *beam*

Julie - i went and i commented. oy!

anonymous - i know that there are folks that need to use formula and i am not totally anti that by any means. i pumped for a friend who had quite skim milk. my milk was very VERY creamy, and i had a lot of it, so i pumped after i nursed and helped supplement her little boy. i know that's not for everyone, but it was cool to be able to do that for them. also, i pumped but wasn't working full time, and where i worked, i got to have my babes, so nursing them wasn't a problem. i got pretty adept at nursing in public and people often didn't realize that was what i was doing.

i hope that your wife has a blissfully easy time nursing when that day comes. it's not always easy at the beginning, but SO well worth it all. :)

moon - LOL! yes! that's it!! it's breast envy. giggle!

and yeah, people that think it's sexual....eeew! and lydia is always wise and right. this is what boobs are for.