Thursday, August 24, 2006

friday through tuesday

on friday evening, rob subbed in a softball game. b/c it was friday and therefore NOT a school night, we all went. it was very fun. rob has a bit about it on his blog though you might have to scroll down for the weekend news. the kids had a blast b/c there were a few other kids there near their ages. lots of running and fun ensued (sp?) and they just had a hugely good time. the mom (and the mom's friend) there had similar ideas about how far the children could go and that was nice. we all were sort of keeping eyes on them. afterwards, we tried to find a geocache, but couldn't. ah well. rob and irene had better luck on saturday. they found 4 of 5 caches! not too shabby. i went shopping at a local kid's store - it's similar to stores i've seen in san anselmo (this means some very pricey stuff, but also some really unique stuff) - they were having a good sale. yea! i found something VERY fun and VERY cute for miss karly who will turn 2 while we're at disneyland (november 9), and a few other things as well. i just have a few things to take back. got home and cleaned the house a bit. later on the kids went down the street to play with some neighbors. we went down there a bit later as well. the neighbors are nice. they are from mississippi. by sheer coincidence, they left mississippi on the same day katrina hit. crazy, huh?

OH! and there was a wee bitty toad in our backyard (today i saw a baby jackrabbit!). i got to show it to the kids, then i put it back where i found it.

while we were down the street, moni and dad called. they'd arrived in town earlier than expected b/c of a flat tire on their trailer. they took an amazing trip through alaska with something like 30 other people? maybe 30 other truck/trailers? not entirely sure now that i think of it...rhys and irene were VERY excited that they were going to see Papa and Gramma the following morning.

i continued de-cluttering my closet a bit that evening. i also had insomnia which is fun, so rather than wake up rob, i went downstairs and switched some of the kids books - hmm. that doesn't make so much sense, does it? what i did, was remove some of the books that have been out for a long time and put up some books that had previously been put away for a while. gosh i would dearly love to have the built in bookshelves we had in our rohnert park house. we had allllllll of our books out (there were a LOT of shelves). i also moved some other things around and found more things to donate to the friends of multiple society (i'd just given a few ginormous bags of my clothes and kid toys to big brothers and big sisters the previous week) and finally went to bed around 4.

moni and dad got here on sunday morning and we had a lovely day. mostly we just hung out and relaxed. rob took dad to do some geocache maintenance and then came back. we had dinner at black rock (yum!). we came home and irene showed off her bike riding and reading skills (yes, yes, two separate things, not one and the same) and then rhys wanted papa and gramma to come up to his room, so they played a bit w/space stuff.

it's serious work - this space stuff!

Papa and Gramma playing space guys and space shuttles with Rhys

Monday was Moni and Dad's 29th anniversary! to celebrate moni took me to get a pedicure - she got one too. her toes are Chick Flick Cherry and mine are well crumb. i can't find my color -- it was something like feels like falling in love. it's bright opalescenty fuschia-y. it was lovely and such a nice and relaxing gift.

while we were getting pampered, irene was in school and dad was playing with rhys. they put together most (if not all) of rhys' puzzles and made chalk drawings on the driveway and read books and just really had a very good time. they had to go and get the trailer some new tires and rhys needed to nap. i gave them directions to irene's school so they could see it as well. they thought it was a very nice school and met the principal. they also gave a donation to the school - how cool is that? apparently they had talked about wanting to do that when they retired - donate money to their grandchildren's schools.

they came back in the evening and dad got to listen to irene read. they then went out to dinner at the steakhouse to really celebrate their anniversary. they should have gotten home yesterday. it was a really lovely visit. the kids were both sad that papa and gramma had to go.

on tuesday, irene's front tooth FINALLLLLLY fell out! phew! we also had dinner at mom and ken's so she got to show it off to them.

what you can't quite tell from this picture is that she is also missing a tooth on each side of her bottom front teeth, and her other top front tooth is VERY loose. the teeth on either side of the top fronts are ALSO loose! oh my!!

so, tomorrow i will tell you about how i realized my mind is lost. gone. outta here!


Deb R said...

A pedicure sounds fun! (I've never had a pro one, only at-home.)

LOVE the photos of semi-toothless Irene and of Rhys playing with your dad.

Carrie said...

Wow you have been busy.