Tuesday, August 08, 2006

happy birthday and happy anniversary

Happy birthday to Lucy. She's 6 today. chances are, they don't check out my blog, but that's okay :) and Happy Anniversary to George and Janice. i'm thinking they have been married for 34 or 35 years now - maybe more. They are the fabulous parents to one of my very dear friends, chrissy :)

now on to boring stuff. irene came home one day last week w/just the wee smidgens of a cold. you know, just a wee little thing. slightly runny nose, but no big deal. she was over it in minutes. *I* however, got totally hit, crushed, dead on with one whopper of a cold a few days later. ugh. am hoping that i didn't get pat sick, or bob either for taht matter, while they were here. it was so odd. i was fine, and them BOOOOOM! felt like i'd been dragged through the depths of hell by my head. fun.

am still sick. but way better today than yesterday or sunday.

that's it from here.

lydia - i hope you're having fun. you need to moblog more pix! please :)


Shephard said...

Hi Kristen!
Thanks for visiting, and for the kind words about my list. Yes, you should do one! It's a great way for readers to get a snapshot of "you." :)

I do love living here in CA. It's become "home" to me. MOre so than any place I've ever lived (tho... I wonder about Venice).

My Venice posts... 2 total in my photoblog archives, under November One in the main blog archive, September 28th. And, one post about Venice is linked in my sidebar's FEATURED POSTS, called "1000 Beautiful Things."

Thanks for visiting! :)

Deb R said...

Ugh, summer colds are the WORST! Feel better sooooooon, kristen!!

Karen said...

Your kids are just ADORABLE!

What a bummer about the cold. Isn't it true that the mom gets it the worst?! And you're the one that has to get all the work done! Hope you feel better soon!

Michele sent me. Have a great day!

Laura said...

Hi Kristen! Thanks for stopping by my site today. I've really enjoyed cruising through your site, especially the wordplay, very cool! I'll try that sometime. Nice to meet you and i'll come back again soon!!