Saturday, August 05, 2006

a quickie for lydia

just in case she's already in south carolina (last i checked, they are in NC) and NEEEDS to know what's going on *smile*

the in-laws are coming today for an overnight visit, so i'm in the midst of cleaning (taking a smalllll break w/a little boy over my shoulder -- no, really, head dangling over me backwardsly).

went today to our last make-up saturday class for the kiddos..."um, kristen?" says coach shandley (sp?) "i don't have irene listed in today's class"
D'OH!!! LAST week was their last saturday make-up class. shazaaaam. so i had two sad children, but didn't have the 32.00 to have them in a drop in class. after next weekend, we can switch from tuesday nights to saturday morning gym classes for both of them. fewer people in irene's class, more kids in rhys' class, less grumpy daughter on tuesday evenings.

went to a local farmer's market since class wasn't going to happen. got some amazing lemonade from Smiley Tongue - lemme see if they have a website...nope, not that i see. too bad. it's lavender lemonade. it's yummy. it's spendy. but i can make 1 qt into 2 by adding water w/o changing the taste. yea.

also got some organic corn and yellow zucchini - or as rob called it "straight crooknecked squash" and a watermelon that while not strictly organic, is grown w/o herbacides or pestacides. so yea.

and, ken just bought a new computer, so i get to switch from mom's cool computer to ken's even cooler computer! woohoo!!! very excited! so i will switch the info from mom's powerbook g4 to ken's bigger, thinner, faster, newer powerbook g4. YEAH BABY! i'm veddddy lucky.

oh, and rhys' word for wasps, is waps,

gotta head back to the cleaning/straightening/creating the illusion that we have less clutter than we actually do.

wish me luck.


Theo said...

preparing for the parents or out-laws to visit can such work. whew.

nice to meet you.

Michele sent me.

cyndy said...

Oh do have fun with your visitors. The cleaning prior to is never any fun, so enjoy the company. Here from Michele

margalit said...

Have a good time with your inlaws and don't fret if you house isn't perfect. They're coming to see you, not your dust or your dishes.

Here from Michele

shpprgrl said...

Waps, how funny! They hurt when they get you. Thanks for visiting!