Wednesday, August 16, 2006

a little of this and a little of that

today is picture day for irene. she has lost another tooth (last year she had lost her first tooth just in time for pictures). so she now has two adult teeth (the bottom two) and two empty spaces on each side. she also has two very very loose top teeth and the two next to them are a little loose. should be fun to see how her smile changes in the next few months *beam*

she's continuing to truly enjoy first grade and her reading abilities are jumping in leaps and bounds. it's so fun to listen to her read. what's most interesting is listening to her read these complicated words that don't follow the rules of english - like "although" or "should" or "photograph" and then will stumble over "door." it's been such a joy to watch that little click go off in her brain that sort of put everything together for her. she started truly reading in the last month or so of kindergarten. so that means she's only been realllly reading for 3 months. prior to that, she mostly just wanted to know what everything said - right then. without having to think about it. she could read, but often got frustrated pretty easily. there is very little frustration right now. it's amazing.

rhys and irene finally had their first appointment with a doctor here in town. it's been more than a year since their last appointment (with doctor eric in petaluma....our wonderful family doctor. his wife was my midwife). both kids are very healthy and dr. thomas (that's her last name) was quite good with them. it's a very very small office that is all done in a Finding Nemo theme. all of the rooms are different - we were in the Sports and Fun room, but there is also a Shapes and Colors room. there might be another, i'm not sure.

now we need to find a doctor for me and rob...we'd hoped for a family practitioner again b/c it was nice having one doctor who knew the whole picture, not just a part of the picture. the doc we wanted (also dr thomas, but not the same dr thomas) isn't currently taking new patients with our insurance. i'll try again at some point and see if it's Great-West time or not.

what a bland post for today. but i need to get a shower while the kids eat some breakfast.

oh! rob did a really good blow by blow of our camping trip, so you can check it out there.


Jennie said...

I enjoyed reading about Irene reading! I loved it when my first two began to read and can't wait for my 4 year old to start figuring things out. He's just learning all the sounds the letter make now. Thanks for visiting! Off to read about your camping trip.

KaraMia said...

It's fun when they first start loosing their teeth, then they start to loose them when the tooth fairy is broke, or maybe the tooth fairy forgets and you think that the world has.stopped.turning.
sigh, I'm ready for the tooth fairy to retire already, i like having my quarters.

Carrie said...

I hated losing my teeth. I always felt silly in my school pictures because of it. I'm glad your little one is enjoying school!

kristen said...

thanks, jennie :) it's a really amazing thing to watch those wheels turning. hope you enjoyed the camping trip post *smile* thank you for coming by.

karamia - did i mention that if rob hadn't woken me up to ask me what the fairies had left, they may have forgotten??? and irene is a TRUE BELIEVER of fairies. she would be very very sad. so kudos to that husband of mine. phew!

carrie - really? you hated losing teeth? interesting. i loved losing teeth. i still remember how it felt to have it halfway out and to flick it around with my tongue. gads, writing that out it must have really grossed other people out!

anyway, thanks for stopping by :) it's always so nice to get comment love!