Saturday, August 26, 2006


i sometimes get it. have been getting it a bit more of late. not entirely sure why.
tonight is partly that i'm focusing some energy on a good friend of mine. surrounding her with love and positivity.

i have episodes of shows we watch on our iPod. it's about the only way i get to see some i use some of my insomnia time for that. tonight it was one episode of entourage and several episodes of Weeds. i liked it. but it's a bit disturbing. not the pot part of it - but the showing of several kids smoking pot. it's a bit worrysome (worriesome?). was it out there when i was in jr high and high school? yeah. i'm sure it was. and really, in the grand scheme of drugs? i'd much rather that than some of the other scary stuff out there. i think about the fact that i'm going ot have to teach irene to ALWAYS BRING her own drink - water/coke/whatever and HOLD it. with her hand OVER it so things don't get slipped in. paranoid much? yes. i am, damnit. but i hear just enough things that make me like that. irene's only 6...and yet, i worry. i worry about a lot of things over which i have no control. does every parent do this?

funny. the nights i have insomnia are the nights rhys seems to stay in his own bed longer. it's all balance. heh. heh.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Insomnia happens when our minds are working overtime; it doesn't let us wind down.

Michele sent me this way.

vanx said...

The paranoia (I've got a lot of it) becomes a way of life when they are old enough to have the brown acid slipped into their root beer. They start driving cars and things. Collect coping mechanisms.

Thank you for your window into my current post. BaƱar. Of course. It is the one word I understood. But is Wildo Waldo supposed to be a Christ figure? And why do they end up in a bunker under a naked light bulb?

Lessa said...

Thanks for stoping by!

And I love Weeds as well. Though the theme song, oh how it gets stuck in my head! for HOURS. and DAYS!

Raise your kiddos to be strong on their own two feet. As they grow, you'll be surprised how much of the other stuff comes natural - you'll know how to teach it and when, when the time comes.

Jennie said...

Gosh, don't feel bad, we all do it. Although once I was talking to my next door neighbor about the fact that we had 3 child sex offenders living across the street in a halfway house and she said, "Eh. Can't worry about everything." I wanted to say, "Um, you redecorate your entire house for every holiday and season, inside and out. Now THAT'S something I can't worry about!" LOL We can just try our best, we love our kids so much, sometimes we want perfect safety.

Carrie said...

Oh! I'm sorry you had a bad night. I'm sure you are caught up now, right?

It is natural to worry.

I hope you are feeling better.