Thursday, August 03, 2006

the past two years - the scary and sometimes fun roller coaster

rob just wrote a really good post that pretty much describes our past two years. it's funny b/c i was just thinking today that - wholy carpe carp, batman! we've been in sparks for nearly 2 years now. do i think of myself as a nevadan? er, um, well, no. i'm 3rd generation californian, so that's hard to take out of the girl. but we're slowly getting our feet planted here. irene is happy in her school, we've met a few friends, both kids are loving their gymnastics classes, and we don't have to get in a plane to see most of our friends and family, and we have space for when they come to see us!!

so - go and check out rob's blog here. he's quite an eloquent writer and often is much better putting things into words than i am.

*beam* i just loves me that man of mine!


srp said...

Here from Michele.
I moved so much growing up that I now don't feel like any particular place is home. This is sometimes great, other times not so much. Even though we spent fifteen years in Mississippi, it never felt like home.

Vickie said...

Home is a big question of mine, after moving continents, cities, countries too many times. Sounds so familiar eh?

Happy weekend and here from Michelle's!

Carmi said...

Almost 10 years after uprooting the fam from Montreal to come to this crazy little city in SW Ontario, I still don't feel like I fully belong here.

Sure, it's a lovely place to live. But it's not who I am, not where I'm from.

I love how you write about your husband. Heartening indeed. I'll be back.

kristen said...

wow SRP and Carmi - i'm hoping that this place feels like home at some point, but i don't know that it ever totally will. like rob (dh), home is the bay area - and carmi, i think you got it just right, sparks is not who i am and not where i'm from.

vickie - interesting. i think if i'd stayed in spain, that could have felt like home. of course, it was before i had met rob and had children.

thanks to all of you for coming by :)