Monday, April 09, 2007

kristen needs...

i got this meme from Lydia who got it from Joshilyn. this is how you do it:
You google your name and the word "needs" in quotes. Then you write on your blog what your results are. According to Lydia, it gives you secret magical knowledge of the hidden universe of meaning and truth, and you come away knowing exactly what to do with your life. apparently the universe is a bit confused about what i need. it needs me to come back, to go away, to be exposed. heh heh.

and now, here is what i apparently need:

Kristen needs an angle for her story since Greenville is not coming up with anything
More than ever Kristen needs the support of her family
Kristen needs to go do SOMETHING with her life
Kristen needs to be exposed
Kristen needs a good beating
kristen needs to come back
Kristen needs to go away!
Kristen needs a little break
Kristen needs volunteers to work all day or in 1 ½ hour shifts
Kristen needs to write everything down
Kristen needs hugs
Kristen needs to make sure that her children are also getting the social aspect of schooling
Kristen needs to have a frank
Kristen needs to read
kristen needs gra-ti-fi-cation!
and finally (drumroll please....)
Kristen needs to get her ass off this damn computer!


c'mon, all the cool people are doing it -- and what's most funny about mine is that when i first googled "kristen needs," it came up with a blogger who was doing this very same thing in 2005 named kristen - heh heh. lemme know if you do this. it will be fun to see what you need.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen,

I typed "Annalisa" into Googlism and came up with the following. I have to say, I like that I'm both back mentally and that I'm wearing the tomatoes. Aren't those two concepts mutually exclusive?



annalisa is designed and implemented by rolf wöhrmann for the technical university of hamburg
annalisa is now 29 years old
annalisa is on the board of directors of 88crime
annalisa is clenching me with one hand while pointing vigorously to the opposite side of the clearing with the other
annalisa is tough enough to make livia look like the singing nun
annalisa is fully equipped with a large discreet and private dungeon offering most kinds of fetish humiliation and fantasy's
annalisa is a beautiful dupion silk and nottingham lace gown
annalisa is the team's chopper pilot
annalisa is getting ready to shoot at the target
annalisa is a 19 yr old tarranean who enjoys listening and dancing to latin music
annalisa is the most dangerous attacking player on the team
annalisa is back mentally
annalisa is wearing the tomatoes
annalisa is 19 and she writes about regaining control after 3 relationships turned bad
annalisa is always doing secret girl stuff at anaphase
annalisa is getting married
annalisa is the coolest
annalisa is just adorable

Unknown said...

wow! at 19 you're regaining control AND you've written about 3 relationships turned bad! i like the one about teh dungeon too - heh heh. and, my dear, you ARE the coolest and you ARE adorable.

as to being back mentally AND wearing the tomatoes -- hmmmm....interesting.

Carrie said...

Carrie needs to turn evil
Carrie needs after a night like this is a nice, hot bath
Carrie needs some care herself
Carrie needs more than deep breathing
Carrie needs to go back to school

I need to turn evil. hmmm

Unknown said...

hahaha! carrie needs to turn evil?!!? too funny.

and i gotta say, i need a nice, hot bath too.

Mel said...

OK I did mine too that was fun!

Lydia Netzer said...

HAHAHA -- I love that you need to simultaneously come back and go away. Like having a toddler!

Unknown said...

haha! I was actually doing the "Kristen needs..." thing when your blog came up!! It made me smile! :-)

Kristen Lindquist said...

Me too! I'm not sure how to incorporate that into my list. :)

Kristen said...

Hi Kristen. Here I am in 2009 and typed in Kristen needs (doing the same thing here of course) and it came up with your blog. Just thought you would find it funny.

Unknown said...

how funny that *my* kristen needs comes up in the google thing :) it made me smile too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen -

Doing this same thing and your blog came up!

Hello to all the other Kristens!

- Kristen

Kristen said...

Hello to all the other Kristen`s who land on this blog when they check to see what they "need"! lol