Tuesday, April 03, 2007

questions from carrie

carrie got interviewed by aimee and then she (carrie) offered to interview some of her readers. so, here are the questions that carrie asked me.

1. What was your ideal career before deciding to be a mommy?

right out of college i was planning on being a child psychologist. when i eventually applied to grad school, i was applying to the educational psychology phd program. nope, i didn't get in. of course, my GRE scores were pretty much crap. i'm not a very good fill in the bubble test taker. hahahaha! oh my gosh but that is an understatement!

2. You've been everywhere. Where is your favorite place and why?

i only wish i'd been everywhere...there are different places that are my favorites...i don't have just one. sorry. i loved madrid b/c i lived like i'd never lived before. i was on my own, i had a freedom i've never really had again. i tried so many new things, traveled around to many different towns, and learned a huge amount. Galicia (the north of spain) where my roommates were from was wonderful b/c it was so different from what people think of when they think of spain. it was VERY green. it was very celtic. chus took me to stay with her family there and we had a wonderful and special time.

venice is one of my favorites because it was just magic. it was what i'd expected from florence. it was everything that florence wasn't. i was disappointed by florence. venice was really, just magic.

elk in mendocino county is one of my favorite places because of the times rob and i have been together there. we've stayed at the elk cove inn. beautiful, romantic, relaxing, and close to wineries. all good things.

petaluma is my favorite place because that's where i had my babies.

3. What is your strongest talent?

i just asked rob this - he gave me a look :). he says that teaching is my strongest talent. i suppose it is. i feel like i'm good at it. i greatly miss teaching my toddler class. i still need to go to UNR and find out what i need to do next time i apply (found out that the person that had told me i had everything in order for my application was wrong with a capital w...grrr).

if i were a never fairy, i've told irene that my talent would be knowing where i am in a book without dog earring or putting some sort of book mark in my book.

4. What do you regret the most?

this one is hard. it's not that i regret it, b/c life would have been very different in many ways, but i miss our first house. it was smallish and funky. one problem - it was another 10 miles (equalling about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes away from work for rob depending on traffic) from ILM.

part of me regrets that ILM decided to lay rob off. but then, he's got a really great job at IGT where the people actually tell him that he's doing a good job. he's challenged and is having fun and learning new things. all of that is good. but some days, i really miss home. but even that isn't right. b/c a big part of home is rob. and the kids of course too. and rob and i have some opportunities here that we either didn't have or didn't easily have back in the bay area.

but actually, do you know what i regret? i regret that baseball has decided that God Bless America is what should be sung during the seventh inning stretch! jesum crow! it should be Take Me Out To The Ballgame, people!

and...i regret that our president has so much longer to be in office when he so clearly isn't listening to a growing section of our population.

5. What is one thing that hurt you so deeply that you never thought you would get over it?
that would probably be when my first love (from high school) cheated on me and got the girl pregnant. they did end up getting married. and i did, of course, get over it. i think i knew deep down that i'd get over it then too, but, at 19, it hardly felt like it. and really, who REALLY feels that april 1st is the best day to tell someone something like that - heh heh. that was just before my freshmen year midterms. to say he was not worth the heartbreak is an understatement. but, if i needed to have heartbreak so that i could eventually be with rob - i mean, if that was my karmac balance, then it was worth it and beyond.


Carrie said...

I like the way you answered. I think I got to know you just a little bit better. And you crack me up with the God Bless and W stuff. I'm right there with ya sista.

How far are you from Vegas?

kristen said...

thanks :) some of it was really difficult. you asked good questions.

we're about 8 hours or so from vegas. we're 4 hours east from san francisco. hmm - that probably doesn't help you does it. we're right next to reno though, so if you want to come gamble, it's cheaper here ;) of course, as a dear friend of mine said, you can't go to paris while you are in reno. you can in vegas.

Carrie said...

I'm trying to figure out a way to meet as many of my blogger friends as possible. How bout Tahoe? How far is it?

kristen said...

Tahoe is very close! a mere hour!!! come to tahoe!!!! :D

it's also very pretty there. good camping, or not camping, gambling is there (on the nevada side). come come come! :)