Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tara's Babies

Tara's Babies is so close they can taste it to being able to own their special piece of land that they call Daikini Valley. I'm probably not going to do the best job of explaining it, but i'll do my best, and maybe some of you can help in some small way.

When Katrina hit, i think that all of us were appalled, worried, concerned, distressed, saddened, but also gladdened by small things (and not so small things) that people did for one another. I will never forget watching Anderson Cooper showing such raw emotion and calling the powers that be (or were) on their BS. I will not forget seeing the people on their roofs, people on overpasses, children wandering around lost. I also remember seeing one dog in particular - on a roof, i believe, or maybe on a porch - all alone. I believe it was again, Anderson Cooper who was reporting days perhaps even a week after Katrina hit and he was talking with people who had their animals. Again, Anderson was raw and you could tell that tears were close to the surface when he was talking with people who would not leave because their animals could not come with them. And people who had to leave their animals behind. There was one person who had just been reunited with his dog. Thinking back on it, even now it brings me to tears.

Well, the Buddhist community in Sedona saw a need and went to fill it. They brought back hundreds of those dogs (and some cats, i think)that were left behind. They took them to their retreat area, Daikini Valley. The hope was that they could reunite some of them with their owners and those who didn't get reunited could be adopted out to new families and those who weren't adopted out would have a safe sanctuary where they could live out the rest of their days.

Monday afternoon is the deadline for donations so that they can keep this land and it will be theirs. They still need around $75,000. that sounds like a HUGE amount, but if many people give just a little, it can be done. if you're thinking "gosh, we'd only be able to give 5.00" just think, if everyone could give 5.00. that would make a HUGE difference.

you can read Dara's post about Daikini Valley here - and this is where you can donate if you'd like to.

What a wonderful thing it will be on Tuesday to read Dara's blog on Tuesday and reading that they have secured the land! You've just got to put it out there to the universe sometimes. So that's what i'm seeing right now - in my head and in my heart.


Karen said...

Hopped on over from Michele's to say "Hi".

Dara said...

i will for sure be letting everyone know on tuesday! thank you *so so much* for the linky love to the diggies! xxoo

kenju said...

I very much hope they reach their noble goal! Michele sent me.

Shaz said...

That is so kool I am so happy that there are such amazing people to care for these defencless animals.

Carrie said...

That is cool. I didn't know anything about it. I'll go donate.

kristen said...

karen - thanks for the popover :)

dara - i'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

kenju - thank you :)

shaz - it really is wonderful,isn't it?

carrie - you are the rockin'ist! 'fanx!!!