Thursday, April 12, 2007

nevada children's museum

rob's got some video on his blog of the kids (mostly rhys) at the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada from last thursday. the pics on that link are a year old - they don't have the covered wagon display anymore.

it's funny. i was really spoiled in the bay area -- we had the Bay Area Discovery Museum in sausalito, habitot in berkeley, MoChA in oakland. those are the places i'd take the kids to. most often i'd take them to the discovery museum. we had an annual pass - actually it was a reciprocal pass. it also got us into the nevada children's museum. hopefully we'll get another one for some b-day or xmas or something b/c it covers a huge amount of children's museums all over the united states - including stockton and escondido. hopefully when there is the new and groovy and for real children's museum in reno, it will be covered under the reciprocal membership.

anyway, even knowing that the CMNN is smaller than just about children's museum i've gone to, even going in with low expectations, i was still disappointed. the really important thing is that the kids loved it. they always do. they had such fun and there were several kids that came at various times and irene had the best time interacting with them. it's sort of like....i don't know, the little museum that tried really really hard. all of the exhibits are in a gymnasium. so that's how big it is. one of the coolest things they have was not working. the piano mostly works. it really does try hard. it's about 1 hour from where we live, so that's not too bad. but it will be great when the reno discovery museum is open.


Carrie said...

I don't think we even have anything like that here. Maybe in Oklahoma City but nothing here in T-Town.

Mel said...

Funny how the kids aren't disappointed in things like that.

I'm glad they had a good time anyway.