Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cinco de Mayo is Holiday Time

anyone sing that song in 3rd grade? no? okay, well, that's probably b/c i was in 3rd grade in 1978 and you weren't...but that song is still in my head. funny.

anyway, today is KRIS' BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday, Kris!!! She's having a garden party. Mom is going down and is taking the present that the kids and i put together for Auntie Kris. and Rob found out that today is World Naked Gardening Day! who knew? somehow i think that Kris' party will be clothed. :)

well, because it is Cinco de Mayo, we'll be having some mexican themed food today. and of course that will involved some yummy margaritas as well.

crumbs - i just looked at the time - i've got to get the kids to gymnastics, then we're off to watch rob play softball in the Corporate Challenge!! GO IGT!!!

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Carrie said...

We did Mexican on Friday.

I really have never celebrated Cinco de Mayo