Friday, May 25, 2007

early morning and monday morning

yesterday and today i've been subbing, so i haven't been blogging or really having much of a chance to visit my usual suspects. this weekend we're headed to berkeley for a fun family get together w/rob's family. we'll primarily be celebrating some big birthdays :D.

i wanted to plug monday morning books - they are having a sale on their books through the end of june. i realllllly like these books. i've used them as a pre-school teacher, a sub, and for homeschooling and augmenting the public schooling at home as well. Marilynn Barr has done the illustrations for a lot of the books. the kids really enjoy her art and it helps to engage them in the different activities.

Alphabet Puppets is one that i love. what's really wonderful about these books, *I* think, is that they can be used in several ways. you can use the books ideas of how to use the pictures/games/etc, or your child (or you) can figure out different ways to use them. when i used Alphabet Puppets with Irene, she colored the puppets but wanted to find her own things that started with the different letters instead of some of the things that you can put in the puppets that are on the pages. i really hope i'm making sense - it's 3:15 and i've got insomnia...*wan smile*

along with the pre-k and primary grade materials, monday morning books also have great resources for upper grades and middle school as well books that could be used in high school as well.

Murray Suid of Words of a Feather fame (i plugged this wonderfully fun book back in december - you can see it here) has also penned a number of monday morning books, including How to be the President of the U.S.A. , How to be an Inventor, and Journey to the Moon Timeline, which we have in our little nook by Rhys' room. i took the whole timeline and then stapled it around the nook. it's INCREDIBLY cool!

so - it's now 4:00 am and i really need to head back to bed so i'll be ready for the kindergarten classes tomorrow (about 30 kids in each class - one AM and one PM).

i really hope all the links work...


OldLady Of The Hills said...

It's 4:08 for me righht now...(In L.A.) And I'm going to say Hi, to you and Michele sent me, and then toddle off to bed....!
I was last in Sparks in 1945! Yes, I am old...! (lol)...Though I was quite young at the time....I'm sure I would not recognize it, at all!

Pat said...

Kristen have a great birthday party week-end. I can see my friend Naomi above me - where she belongs. I don't think she is quite as old as I am:)
Michele says hi!

Carrie said...

I'm off with family this weekend also.

My nephew is in kindergarten and he goes all day. Weird!

Almost Poetic said...

Hi SweetiePea!

Sounds like you have a full weekend ahead of you but if you have any free time, give me a call! I'd love, love, love to say hello! Just talked about you today with Tim as we were walking by DP's house...remember two houses down from mine? hehehe :) Seems like yesterday - and twenty years ago!
Cell is 510.396.8911.
Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

lovely lady of the hills - yes, sparks is different just in the 2 years we've been living here! i'm sure and certain that it's significantly different from 1945 :)

pi - thank you for stopping by - the birthday party weekend was very fun

carrie - your weekend sounded fabulous! about kindergarten - some places feel like it's great to do full day kindy - i'm more for the 1/2 day kinder just b/c so many kids are exhausted by the time that 1/2 the school day is done.

nancy! the weekend was definitely full - to add to it, i was sick - grrr - again! i'm wracking my brain trying to remember DP...and yep, most of it DOES seem like just yesterday!