Wednesday, May 02, 2007


yesterday was tuesday. i knew ALL DAY LONG that it was tuesday. it was brownies so of COURSE it was tuesday. it was irene's music peformance, so, again, may day was TUESDAY. so, could you please explain to me why i sat downstairs with rob even though i probably could have happily gone to sleep waiting for LOST to come on?

yeah. lost is on wednesday.

so i was up until close to 11 for no good reason. and tonight, i'll be up until past 11 b/c today TODAY is wednesday. so TONIGHT is LOST.


what a lame-o.


Carrie said...

I do that a lot.

Laume said...

Oh man, lately juggling and keeping track of "my show" has been a nightmare.

I laughed reading your post. It sounds like me today. I started a post and just went on and on and on and on.... finally rambling on about American Idol and William being silly. How silly us bloggers are!

I don't watch Lost, but Bones is on tonight!

Laume said...

I meant "my showS" not show. I'm sick. So I have an excuse for not typing well.

Unknown said...

carrie - glad i'm not the only one.

laume - we have tivo, but lost is one of those that we try to watch live. i didn't watch it the first season - rob watched it via netflix maybe? i don't remember - but if i don't get to see it live, i don't get to watch until much later - then rob wants to talk about it but feels he can't - though i don't mind spoilers - VERY much the opposite of rob.

Lydia Netzer said...

We watch Lost live too -- how funny!

It was so funny on Wednesday when they went and got Sayid to deal with the helicopter pilot, we had been shouting, "GET SAYID! GET SAYID!" Hehehe. We heart Sayid. We are less fond of Jack.