Saturday, May 19, 2007

feeling better and off for a brief trip

i finished the subbing stint and after two days of feeling really quite awful and thinking i might have to call for a sub to sub for me (argh!), i miraculously began to feel better! phew! it was really great subbing for one class for an entire week b/c i really got to know the kids and they got to know me. they definitely knew i'd follow through w/whatever i said i'd do. they were a great class of 2nd graders. it was fun. next thursday and friday i'm subbing for a kindergarten teacher. yea!

today, irene, mom, and i are going to stay the night at my girlfriend, tanya's house. it's a surprise to irene. she's been pining for rose and will be very excited when she realizes where we're going. i'm very much hoping that they can make the most of their time together and play nicely. they are both strong girls and both like doing things their own way. often when we get together (whether it's rose or another friend we don't get to see much), there's that adjustment period. i'm hoping we don't have much of that b/c our time will be at a minimum. sunday morning we're headed to see several talented fiber artists. we will for sure for sure see Pamela, Jaye, and Julie. Pamela (hopefully that link will work) is in town (berkeley) to teach some classes and sunday is her free day. she's from canada, eh, so it is extra fun that we will get to see her again. i'm supposed to bring a few things to show and tell. i've got not a whole lot. i'll try to remember to bring Jaxin's blessing quilt.

okay - now i need to load up the iPod and get packed for our little journey. hopefully i'll be a better blogger for part of next week.


Shaz said...

Sounds like a great week Kristen.
I hope you enjoy time with your friends.

Carrie said...

Have fun on your trip!