Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Total Frustration!

this is a wee bit ranty...

so - erica had her baby. he's had to stay in the NICU for longer than anyone hoped, but he's getting better slowly but surely (immature lungs). i tried to send flowers to her that would get to her on day four (b/c for me, with both kids, day 4 was rough. milk coming in, everything that was going slightly wrong seemed nearly insurmountable, hormones all over the place, etc etc...and i had my babies WITH me, not staying in the NICU WITHOUT me!). so i looked on the internet and found a few sites that said they were local. called one, they couldn't do what i wanted, called the next (Wesley Berry Flowers) and they were pleased as punch - no problem. they'd do the ton of yellow daisies and gerberas and lilies. i originally gave them the correct address, but i was off by a number on the zip code. so i called back about 7 minutes later...and got someone who sounded ilke she was in new jersey (so it was NOT actually a local store IN their town!)...she took care of the correction, said it wouldn't be a problem.

well, i finally heard from erica about it yesterday...the flowers never arrived at her house. nope. they went to Sonora to someone that didn't know what to do with them. the florist called E and said, we're sorry. your flowers were misdelivered and we can't get them to you b/c they'll be dead by then. so i called them yesterday afternoon. the person with whom i spoke said that she'd check into it and call the LOCAL florist (bastards) and see what happend, then call me back. yeah. that didn't happen. so TODAY i got CHARGED for the flowers that were misdelivered!! so i called again. it will take 7 - 14 days to get my money back!?! that seems crazy. do i get to charge them interest? grrrr.

BUT! instead of doing the delivered flowers, i found THIS site! and i got them something even cooler! i got the arbor day tree growing kit! that will be much more fun for the new big bruvvahs to do with Erica and Tony. so there!

next time i try to send flowers from a local flower place, i'll ASK first and make SURE they are in the town where i'm sending the flowers!!

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