Thursday, May 15, 2008

sleep is highly overrated

yep. that's what i'm going with. i convinced rob that we should go to bed earlier than we have the previous two nights (after midnight and almost midnight) because when your sick, you should go to bed early. so, off we went - at 10:20 or so...i tossed and turned for quite a while - then about 1/2 hour ago, i came downstairs. i've made myself some camomille (i've spelled that word 3 different ways and still have yet to get it right - so we'll go with the spanish word for it -- MANZANILLA) tea to maybe help induce sleepishness...what i should be doing? cleaning the house. but i don't have the energy for that. ah well.

irene was extra sweet today. she and skyler had to take the bus to school - this is something that terrifies irene, for whatever reason (mostly, i think, b/c she thinks she'll be late to school). so, i walked the girls down with rhys in tow. rhys wanted to race - skyler wanted to win. this, of course, frustrated the nearly 5 year old (omg! nearly 5?!?) no end, so irene raced him and went very slowly so his little legs could win. then after school, when i was feeling all sorts of crummy and sky and rhys were jibberjabbering about silly stuff, she reached up to just give me one of those "i know you're feeling awful, mama" kind of squeezes on my shoulder as i was driving. it was very sweet and very appreciated. i didn't have time to tell her just how much i appreciated it before she headed to bed b/c i had a service unit meeting, so i wrote her a note that she will get in the morning.


Jaye said...

I hope you are feeling better by today. I seem to be fighting off a cold. I hope I am winning. Nice job on Irene's part.

Laume said...

I didn't know you were feeling poorly - hope the hot weather cooked the bug outa ya. And then today, wierd windy cold. Did you feel some of those earthquakes? I know, I'm just rambling.

And in case you want to know - it's chamomile.