Thursday, May 22, 2008

Birthday Day

Today is Moni's birthday (my stepmom) and it's Pat's birthday (Rob's mom). So - on the one hand, it's a very happy day - we just called Moni and Rhys sang - THREE TIMES into three different phones - Happy Birthday To Gramma. She, my dad, and gramma made enchiladas yesterday and cut meat for chile verde - YUM! I can just taste it and am incredibly envious! Unfortunately, Redlands is pretty far from here...Matt and Michelle will go to celebrate with her (and Gramma and Dad) and we'll be there in spirit. We sent gerbera daisies to her - they looked beautiful online. They are from a company called Organic Bouquet. Anyway, it was good to talk to her and the flowers arrived as I was on the phone.

Today is also bittersweet because it is Pat's birthday and this is our first of her birthdays without her. It's a weird thing to know that we can't just call and wish her a happy birthday. And I don't know how Rob's feeling about it. It's hard to know what to say. I'm thinking about Rob's sisters and his dad - and of course, Rob.

Rob's dad is coming up tomorrow. We're going to go see Indiana Jones (yes yes i've talked about it a lot, but man o man are we loooking forward to it. oh! and you can go to rob's blog to see his Indiana Jones Taters of the Lost Ark guy.  

oops!  you can actually see Indiana Jones Taters of the Lost Ark HERE!  sorry 'bout that!

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You can actually see the Indy tater guy here:

We did a nice little toast to my mom at dinner and wished her a happy birthday. That was good for me. I wasn't feeling down or anything, but she was definitely in my thoughts for most of day.