Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Art Show

Here is Irene posing for a caricature at the art show. it was a little disappointed. i came prepared to pay insane amounts of money for my kid's art, but it wasn't that. they just had one display of each classes art - by their classroom. this Arts Attack thing has been happening for several months. Nothing came home from the things they made, so i assumed that it would be like other schools, and it would be all over and we could buy it. nope. this whole event was to raise money for Arts Attack. Arts Attack at our school is pretty much parent run. I was supposed to do it with Irene's class last week, but I was unbelievably sick - like crazy not feeling good sick. So, I let Irene's teacher know on Wednesday that I was really sick and I didn't think I would be able to do art with Rhys there (also sick) and me sick. Oh well.

Anyway, the other thing that was a bummer was the silent auction. I had no idea that there would be a silent auction. They only had 8 or 9 things up for auction. I tried SO HARD to win the Mad Science party. I kept bidding and bidding and bidding! A young kid really wanted it and told me he was prepared to go to 150.00 - so I went to 125.00 hoping it was a bluff. Nope. It wasn't. At least I got another 50.00 for the art program (cue maniacal laughter). I also tried to get a gift certificate to a local restaurant, but was outbid there too. Again, yea for the art program. BUT, only 8 or 9 things??? and none of them having to do with Art??? There are several places that could have donated something - The Playful Potter perhaps? One of the places that has art classes? SOMETHING. I'm not on the PTA board and don't get to attend meetings as they are the same day and usually the same time as my brownie meetings, because I do understand the "if you have all the damned ideas, then YOU do it next time and do it better!" But i really think i *could* have done it better. I wish that they'd at least have told the parents that they were looking for donations for the silent auction. I could have offered something - or looked for donations. We did buy 4 ice cream sundaes (for irene, rhys, and two friends) and water as well as getting a caricature for Irene (Rhys had melted down into little puddles of "I've been waking up at 5:30 am for the past 3 days"ness). So we DID participate and I feel great that we DID help get money for an arts program. I love that the Mad Science kit went for a minimum of 140.00 b/c Max and I (that was his name - Max) both wanted it. I just wish there had been more.


Jaye said...

Watch out! They'll put you in charge. ;-)

kristen said...

I do indeed worry about that - heh heh.