Wednesday, May 21, 2008

father's day came early...

rhys and i ventured into target today - i needed bandanas for girl scouts (they are in the 1.00 section) and got various other things. how is it that i go for a few things and leave with a gazillion? need to go back tomorrow and return scads of things that i really didn't need - and i forgot to look at labels and got some things that were really relatively inexpensive, but not really the best choice for us in trying to buy things from places where people are treated fairly etc...anyway, back to the story at hand. my girlfriend, anna, got rob Darth Tater and the Spud Trooper a few years ago (that long??), and the kids and i got him Artoo Potatoo - all of which he keeps at work. rhys and i saw indiana jones - from Taters of the Lost Ark. if you push the hat, it does the theme song. we decided it would be a fun father's day present. so, we brought it home, showed irene once she was home, and i hid it.

at dinner, rhys started giving rob hints. "daddy - look somewhere over HERE" so i knew that there was just going to be no peace until we gave it to him. rhys was over the moon about it. hopefully rob likes it too - i think he does. if nothing else, it'll put a smile on his face - and his co-workers too, i'd imagine.

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