Monday, May 05, 2008

Irene's Earth Day Poem

Irene's Earth Day poem was one of a handful of poems chosen to be in the school newsletter this month - and here it is (sorry i can't show the pictures that go with it too)

Love our Earth
Own hybrid cars
Very lovely Earth
Earth needs to stay clean

Outside is what needs to be clean
Use your plastic bags over and over

Earth is great
A little thing can change a lot
Try to pick up trash
Help to clean the earth

not too shabby!  we talk about these things over the weeks/months/years and it's nice to see how much she's taken in.  we DO use our plastic bags over and over and over again.  the bags we sometimes get from the grocery store we take back over and over again and get them refilled (yes, we also have our reusable cloth/fabric/etc bags that we take and use).  yep, we do own a hybrid (rob has a prius) and we do try to pick up trash whenever we see it.  

earlier in the school year, irene got several kids together during recesses and they'd pick up trash - she brought the grocery bags and they'd pick up things they found on the playground.  no one told her to do this, she just decided it was a good thing to do.

man do i love that girlie of mine (even when she drives me batty...).

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Anonymous said...

what good children you are bringing up! I'm not surprised that her poem was picked - its very good! And I'm sure she was one of their first choices!

:-D eirdre