Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mario Kart Wii

it's true. i'm a fan. it's the whole reason that i was excited and in when rob said - let's see if we can get a wii - let's just keep our eyes out and go for it when the time comes...anyway - back to mario kart. i love the game. i've loved it since way back when rob had his super nintendo system. i liked it even more when we had the nintendo 64 system and we got Mario Kart 64. it's SO MUCH FUN! and we would play for hours and hours and hours. we would play against our friends and holy canoly it was fun fun fun.

well....THIS one - DUDE (yep, i'm pulling out the dude!), it is AWESOME! you can play against the WORLD! you can play against up to 11 other people!!! so, if you have Mario Kart Wii, you can play me! i love toad and my magickruiser! and oh, anna anna anna, you must COME TO VISIT and i can truly show you the glory that is Mario Kart Wiiiiiii! but for now, here are some links: a cool review , the wiki, some youtube.

it's fun. i get fairly competitive on it - language that usually doesn't pass my lips when kids are around flows easily and often...the graphics are really good, the tricks are fun, the characters are great and i love being able to drive the motorcycle. i need to get better at using the wheel - right now i use the nunchucks more than the wheel. i get all squirrely with the wiiwheel.

so - there's a wee bit about mario kart. and now you know a little more about the geekier side of me. or is it mii?

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