Thursday, May 22, 2008

crazy weather

Sunday was HOT. We came home and it was in the 90s. upstairs it was in the high 80s. Tuesday it was also very hot, but not quite as hot as monday, but still quite warm. We had the fans going in the house. Wednesday morning we still had the fans going, but then it started cooling off and was downright chilly by the time I took Irene to school. Rhys was still wearing shorts and was happy as a clam. I had 3/4 sleeves on and was fine. This morning? IT WAS SNOWING!!! not a HUGE amount of snow, but still, SNOW. i guess that's why they say that the last frost day is memorial day. but just so crazy.

This weekend the pool opens. The kids won't care if it's freezing, but we parents will not enjoy that so much...ah well. maybe it will turn hot.

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