Wednesday, May 17, 2006

C is for...

Carle (eric) - author of many of our favorite books. One that I can recite by heart is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I can sign it as well as recite it.

Chrysanthemum – another children’s book. This one is by Kevin Henkes. It’s about a sweet little mouse with a very VERY long name and after some not very nice girl mice tease her, she rediscovers just how wonderful and unique and perfectly perfect a name it is.

chrysanthemum – the flower. they’re purty. not my favorite flower, but they flower very nicely.

(la) Coruña and (Santiago de) Compostela – two wonderful cities in Galicia (the northern part of Spain). One of my roommates took me to La Coruña over the christmas holidays when I lived in Spain. My other roommate took me to Santiago de Compostela over a weekend so I could see it and so he could visit his girlfriend. Both cities were wonderful and beautiful.

City – I LOVED living in Madrid, which is a HUGE city. I loved that I could walk just about anywhere – or take the bus or the metro. SO easy to do. it was wonderful for watching people. I also worked for several years in the financial district of San Francisco. I loved that too. again, huge, great people watching, easy to walk around. At one point, I was working in the financial district, and Rob worked for KRON (BayTV) on Van Ness and I would walk from Montgomery to Van Ness. It was quite a walk. I was always happy to get to Levenworth b/c it was pretty much downhill from there. I got to walk by the tenderloin as well. it was only scary the time that I decided to do the walk after dark. not really the brightest thing for me to do. I have loved visiting New York City the 2 times I’ve been there. it was a meeting point for my then boyfriend and I when I was in Spain. the 2nd time I went was w/my sister to cheer on Mom and Ken as they ran the New York City Marathon. WAY fun! Jolie had lived there for a semester and knew all the cool places — like Serendipity! Yummmmm!

Country – as much as I loved living in the city, I think the country is also beautiful and serene and as long as I wasn’t TOOOOOO far out there, I think I could easily live in the country. I like open space.

(The) City – not Frisco, not San Fran. The City or San Francisco. Really. Trust me!

Crowded House – this was one of my insta-connects with rob. crowded house is what happened to part of Split Enz. our first dance song was “She Goes On” by crowded house. the first verse of the song was so close to our first date. anyway, not many people know who Split Enz are. People sometimes know crowded house because of “something so strong” and "don't dream it's over."

Cusack – John and Joan. I think I have seen almost everything that John Cusack has been in.Better Off Dead is one of my favorite movies. I just love it. all of it. I can quote several lines and sometimes, it just takes a few words and I’m gigging. and the scene in Broadcast News with Joan scrambling to get the tape where it needed to be? PERFECT!

cinnamon – love it.
cominos (cumin) - mexican rice is not mexican rice w/o it

Christine – a name people often call me. also one of many stephen king novels that just got TOTALLY HISHED when they decided to make it into a movie. oh my DOG that is a bad movie. the book was SO much better.

CARP! - yes, it’s a fish. but it’s what I say in place of CRAP! around my kids. sometimes it turns into carpe diem, which means something entirely different, but there you have it.

Carpe Diem! - really, we must, right? I don’t always remember, but I do TRY to sieze the day. and I’m trying to help my children do it too

children – hard to imagine what life would be without mine.

colors – the world would be awfully boring if it were all black and white

crush – that crush-y feeling is a good one. but I was mostly “one of the boys” and in the cyrano de bergerac (sp?) role WAY too many times b/c the boy I was crushing on liked my cousin – or my friends

CHOCOLATE – dark, thank you. triple chocolate bundt cake? divine!

Cake – I’ll repeat it...Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake. DELICIOUS!!!! Mom would sometimes make it for me for my birthday. YUMMMMM.

¡coño! – my favorite spanish swear word — followed quickly by ¡joder!

common sense – as in “Don’t you have any COMMON SENSE?” I hope to NEVER EVER utter those words to my children. I heard it more than once over things that didn’t make sense to me. but it was one of those deep down hurts.

career – it’s funny how life twists and turns...while in college, I was sure I was going to get my PhD and be a child psychologist. then when I applied, I tried for a specialty in education psychology. didn’t get into grad school. quit working in The City, took quite the pay cut and started working for Head Start.

college – I went to Sonoma State University. Loved it. when I was growing up (the child of, essentially, 4 teacher parents and grands that were also teachrs), I never knew that people did NOT go to college. it was always phrased as “when you go to college...” I thought that was genius.

Clo the Cow – part of the final little piece that made me know for certain that I should go to SSU. I was on 37 just before Lakeville Highway and saw a sign that saidTip Clo through your Two Lips (it’s under 1989, but the billboard was up in 1988 on highway 37). that sealed the deal. I’d never seen the clo billboards. I still love them. they still make me giggle.

Clover Stornetta Milk and other products – no GMOs. Local. Good. Makes me happy. I felt good giving it to my kids. here, we have Model Dairy. It doesn’t say antyhing about rBST being added or not or if they give GMOs. I miss my local dairy.

County – Sonoma. Home. the smell of the mustard, the smell of the dew in the morning, the fog over the fields, the cows, the sheepies. the wine :) not quite the same as sparks. though there are some cows here too *smile*

camera – I love taking pictures. I like our digital and I like my regular film SLR. both are canons. I take a LOT of pictures...i need a WHOLE lot of time sans children and husband to get the non digital pictures into albums and organizing the digital pictures as well.

clingy – rhys is sometimes very clingy...i just got through putting him down for the took a long time. a. long. time... *weary smile*

i will fix links and add more later - gotta run to school now

coconut -- YUM! i LOVE coconut. coconut cream pie? FABULOSO! coconut meat? delicious! thai anything w/coconut milk? DIVINE!

coconut oil - did you know this is much better than canola oil?? as long as it's not the super processed stuff, it is. let me find you a little link or two about coconut oil's benefits and this link is about the not so greatness of canola oil. yeah, canola oil. the stuff that we were all told was so fabulous for us. EVER so much better than most everything else...the unrefined organic coconut oil definitely has a slight coconut taste. the refined organic coconut oil does not taste like coconut. it doesn't have quite as many benefits as the unrefined, but it is still better than canola oil.

much later -- i've been trying to publish this but it's been giving me hassles...

(Come Up and See Me) Make Me Smile - the duran duran version. i really love the live version of this song by duran duran. Interestingly, i have just discovered that the original song is by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - and how did i not remember that Erasure also covered it? hmmm, look for Erasure during E week.


Kristen's husband said...

I actually worked at KRON in San Francisco - altough I did work one shift at KTVU :)

kristen said...

d'oh!!! how lame am *I*? i had bay tv right *smile*

i could really go for some of those garlic rolls right about now.


Deb R said...

How about "Carpe Carp"...Seize the Fish? :-)

Are you going to translate the Spanish swear words?

I had the same thing with college - raised by teachers, never even occurred to me that not going was an option.

re: canola oil...aaarrrggghhh! I give up. I just freakin' give up. "They" tell you something's good for you, you use it for years, then someone else tells you it's killing you. If there was a way to just take a pill or something and live without food I think I'd just forget the whole damn thing.

Great list though, kristen! (pleae forgive the grumpiness of my reaction to the canola oil article..hehehea)

kristen said...

i had send this to deb r in an e-mail, but just decided, what the heck, if anyone cringes at the swear word, so be it...

HAHA!!! Carpe Carp! I just might use that :)

I’ll tell you here :) coño means cunt — but everyone used it “Qué Coño!” “Ay Coño!” very funny. Joder means to fuck, there’s also follar, that means to fuck also, but more clinical like. Joder is the crude fuck. there was a big condom campaign while I was there and it said “No Jodas Sin Proteción” or something like that – Don’t fuck unless you’re covered.

i just checked the sticker i have - it actually says this: ¿Sin Preservativo? ¡No Jodas! so it says "without a condom? don't fuck!"

about the canola oil – I TOTALLY agree with you. I was (am) really angry about the whole canola oil thing. and I’ve read several pieces about it. SO frustrating. and the way our government is, I tend toward believing it. and the coconut oil, I really *did* feel better when I was using it.

thanks for reading my list. I keep thinking of different things that should have been on there :)