Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Went to bed too late last night. Kids woke up too early. Surprising? not really. Rob wanted to sort of try out the "it's light outside, the kids are playing outside, let's see if they sleep longer b/c they played longer" theory. went about the way we expected *smile*

so, at about 6:40 or so, i had the gifts showered upon me -- at school last week, we parents were banned from the room and the kids created and created! Irene made me a very very sweet card that is a flower pot w/a flower that you pull up and it says: My love for you grows and grows. very very sweet. have you seen the commercials that show the adults showing the cards they made for their mom's when they were in kindergarten? that's how this is. *beam* if i knew what the commercial was actually promoting, i'd link it b/c they are sweet. not as sweet as my card though. she also made me a votive candle holder complete w/candle. the glass holder has lots of little tissue paper squares glued onto it. Mrs Romaggi was wonderful helping them to make such wonderful gifts.

mom helped Irene make a flower pressed fabric painting. you get flower petals and leaves, design them however you wish, put the fabric on top and then pound w/a hammer. when you are done, you outline with a very fine sharpie or other ultra fine pen. it's really beautiful. it is framed nicely and will go in our room.

rob (the kids) gave me a framed picture of rhys and irene looking darling and happy to be siblings. crumbs. i thought i had the picture on our website, but i don't. when i do, i can link it -- or maybe even put it *IN* the blog?!? maybe??

at 8:30 we were out the door for breakfast at A. Paris Café et Crêperie. according to the website, they are open at 8:30 on sundays. according to their actual business, they open at 9:30. that was a big time bummer. but the food was worth it. it's a crêperie. the kids had nutella crepes with chantilly lace whipped cream and nutella snakes (drizzled nutella). I had a nutella and banana crepe, rob had a bananas foster crepe. i had a stunningly delicious bananas foster latte, rob had a mocha. it was all very yummy.

mom gave me our old wood holder (wrought iron that goes by the fireplace) filled with flowers - very groovy! the kids and i went over and took her the vase we'd bought filled w/some flowers -- and cilantro from our garden :) it looked purty. the kids then planted their seedlings and tomato plant into their giant garden pot.

rhys is now asleep, and irene is lounging. i'm typing and rob's computering too.

hamburgers are on the agenda for dinner tonight.

happy mother's day everyone, and again, thank you, lydia, for making my blog look so much better! you're the best ever!

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