Sunday, May 28, 2006

which x-man are you and other stuff

I got this from DebR

You Are Cyclops

Dedicated and responsible, you will always remain loyal to your cause.
You are a commanding leader - after all, you can kill someone just by looking at them.

Power: force beams from your eyes

i really like x-men. my brother, jeremy, collected the comic books when i was in high school (and beyond). i really enjoyed them. and, i suppose that cyclops is okay - but dude, i love LOVE rogue. THAT is who i want to be. i suppose that by not saying that powers have ruined my life i doomed myself to being NOT rogue. ah well.

so, yesterday, it snowed here in our fair city of Sparks, NV. did you read that? SNOWED! we went to a birthday party for one of irene's classmates and the plan was BIG WATER FIGHT, WATER BALLOONS, get the picture? BIG OUTDOOR snowed. crazy. and it was beautiful with no cluds an hour or so ago, but now i see big, dark, black, scary clouds in the sky. yeesh.

today we're going to our friends' house for a late lunch/early dinner. we're working on cultivating our friendships. we don't have many friends here yet. maybe when i get back into school, i'll make more friends. i've made some friends of the parents in irene's classroom, but next year we will be attending a different school, and i'll be back at square one. oh to have the ability that children do of just being friends w/someone minutes after meeting. not having any awkwardness, just being friends. ah well. it will happen. just slowly. i used to be super socially competent. i'm not quite there anymore. it's odd to have spent most of ones life as an extrovert only to become a bit more introverted...

and b/c i apparently just sort of write in a stream of conciousness format, i'll just move along :). today i have 2 very good friends celebrating birthdays. TANYA and CHRISTY. HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY, my friends!! Christy now lives Far Far Away in wisconsin and Tanya lives in the bay area. we used to get together at least every 2 weeks, but usually weekly. our girls all loved playing with each other. they still do, it's just a little more difficult to get together.

today is also the birthday of one of irene's friends at school, and one of her friends in petaluma. boy oh boy it's a busy day! and just in case her mama or daddy sees this blog, we'll holler a big HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY, HANNAH!!!!!!

june is a big month for us birthday wise - and anniversary too.

June first is the birthday of rob's middle oldest sister, melissa, who owns Ann's Pet Arcade. it's also my cousin's oldest son's birthday (so cal cousin). garrett will be 8. Max (son of Alaska and Chris) will be 10! and it's my very good friends' Anna and Scott's TENTH anniversary! Ten years! YEA!!!!!!!
if new baby nephew, simon, hasn't decided to enter the world by the 31st of may, he will arrive on the 1st!!
nephew ben is on the 2nd (he'll be 19! gah! how did that HAPPEN??)
june 3 is Judy's birthday (she's in some of the disneyland pictures on our website )
june 8 is Lydia's birthday (and we'll be flying to see her that day!!!)
june 9, baby cameron is 1 (nor cal cousin's baby boy)
june 14 is Anna's b-day (same anna as the anniversary anna)
june 16 is Gramma Lala's b-day
june 17 is Rebecca's b-day and we'll celebrate irene's 6 1/2 b-day (more on 1/2 birthdays later)
june 18 is niece Alana's b-day (she'll be 16!!)
june 24 is mom and ken's anniversary and we'll also celebrate rhys' 3rd b-day
june 27 is Rhys' b-day as well as my nephew jake's 13th b-day (he's ben's brother) and rhys' b-day buddy Andrew's 3rd b-day
june 30 is FIL, Bob's b-day!
july 1 is mom's b-day as well as Miss Rose's 6th b-day -- it keeps going on from there. oh my!

gets a bit overwhelming when i write it all down like that...

okay. it's taken me more than an hour to get this done (with refereeing happening in between). so off i go


Deb R said...

Aaahh, you're the one going to have to bring me to my senses when I go power-mad and try to destroy the planet, eh? :-)

(I don't know if that's actually true in the movie, but I have vague memories of reading the comics in my misspent youth and the whole Jean Grey becoming Phoenix and then Dark Phoenix thing and seem to recall that her love for Scott/Cyclops was part of what brought her back from madness.)

Wow, that birthday list - yikes! BUSY!!

Jaye said...

Congrats on the new blog! What a writer you are!

kristen said...

Deb - yes, nothing like love to calm you down and bring you back to the good side --- or something like that ;)

yes. busy busy w/birthdays and little or no expendable cash to get the things i want to :(

Jaye - thank you :) heh heh, if by what a write i am, you mean, babbly, yep :) i tend to write a lot like i talk.

door bell - gotta go...