Monday, May 15, 2006

It's Monday

today is my volunteer day at Irene's school. rhys comes with me and sometimes does great, and sometimes needs lots of redirection. we'll see how today goes. i can't tell if irene is fighting some allergies, or a possible cold. she's slightly stuffed up, but not streaming snot, so she'll go to school.

we might need to start putting clothes out at night instead of deciding in the morning. some mornings neither of us are up to the challenge and end up in a great and fun power struggle. neat.

and, irene told me the other day, "i don't like wearing dresses as much, anymore, mama. i like wearing my pants, shirts, and shorts" ::SOB!:: the pants are stretch pants. i'v'e spent oodles on pants at various times and she's very particular about what she'll wear and not wear. what's comfy and what's not just about kills me. she's wearing a size 8 b/c she doesn't like the way the size 7 feels. she TOTALLY fits CORRECTLY into a size 7. it's crazy. she's 48" tall or so and about 50 pounds. size 8 is big on her. and prior to this year, she would almost exclusively wear dresses. so, we have a mizillion dresses for her. her favorite pants are the ones from target. they were 5.00. the gymboree ones she does not enjoy wearing. i have no idea why. happily, i pretty much ONLY buy from gymboree when they are on sale. but still. it baffles me.

with rhys, i'm VERY lucky b/c we get a WHOLE lot of hand me arounds from my nephew and cousin's kids. i didn't have that with irene b/c i was one of the first of my friends to have babies. happily, i've been able to share irene's clothes with her bestest friend, rose (who is 5 months younger) and from Rose, they've gone on to karly (my niece).

boy, this is all pretty rambly, isn't it? oh well. it's how i am. rambly.

i'm hoping to find out the name of my girlfriend's new baby boy today or tomorrow so i can finish the top of the blessing quilt. then i can sandwich, quilt, and bind it. then on to chrissy it will go and hopefully it will be signed by friends and family in the spaces i've provided. here is an example of one of the blessing quilts i've done. this one is cameron's (my cousin's second son) (the first 3 pictures).

well, it's time for me to go upstairs and get myself dressed. and rhysie too.


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Lostcheerio said...

Time to invest in some burlap sacks!!!

Just think -- as Rhys gets older, the worst he'll put you though is a possible Spiderman addiction, which may or may not cause him to wear the same shirt for 15 days straight, but he will not care about size or color or shape or anything like that. Pretty much, he'll just put on what's in front of him. Or, he'll hop around on one leg NOT putting it on, but not because he doesn't like it.

Hehehe. Boys.