Friday, May 19, 2006

The Name of My Blog - and OF COURSE it's rambly

So, just in case anyone's wondering about the name of my blog....I wanted something unique and special with some meaning to it. Rhys' name means Ardent. Irene's means Peace. One of her middle names is also Peace. And, I would MUCH rather the world just got along and we HAD lots of peace. I'm even ardent about it. and yes. i did say ONE of her middle names when referring to Irene. both of our kids have four names. i have had 4 names since getting married. i just added on rob's last name. didn't hyphenate, didn't combine, just added. Irene is a family name. it's my middle name (which is why my login name is kristenirene - there were LOTS of kristens when i was first internetting, but no kristenirenes), it's my mom and her cousin's middle name. All of us have it b/c of my maternal great grandmother - Irene Peace Romig. Irene's first middle name is Rebecca. That is my stepmom's middle name.
Rhys' middle names are Nicholas (my dad's first name) and Penn (rob's middle name and his mother's maiden name). Rhys is welsh b/c his mom is of welsh descent. Until one week before I had Rhys, the boy name was Lukas (rob's dad is of dutch descent - ergo the spelling) Eric (my dad's middle name) Penn. Rob came home from work one day and through out Rhys Nicholas Penn and it just really flowed. Yes, as a teacher, i know i've sort of screwed my poor boy by giving him a name that has, as its only vowel, a Y....and most people see it and say RICE? and then we say no, it's REEEEEEEEESE :). this more than anyone wanted to know? ah well.

when irene is getting talked to in a most serious way, all 4 names are used. rhys usually gets RHYS NICHOLAS. and mostly it's said in a really low tone. when dad and moni were visiting at one point, dad talked to rhys and let him know that he didn't like hearing his name said in such a way quite so often - heh heh. i use rhys nicholas when i'm just calling to him also, so it's not always when he's doing something less than wonderful.

well, irene's half day is almost up...sort of pointless to go to school for a mere 1 1/2 hours on the minimum days, but there you go...

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