Tuesday, May 23, 2006

small world!

so, this is kind of crazy...we were watching KTVU (bay area news station) tonight and i was barely watching it. suddenly, i heard a name and looked up -- thank the gods for TIVO! Jennifer Sandkuhler, a good friend of mine with whom i've sadly lost touch, was there, ON THE TV! i've been searching on GOOGLE for her for a while. In 2004, she was the asst general manager for The Natural Grocery Company in the east bay!

so, i've sent a note on the "contact us" page saying how i know it's crazy, but could they please forward Jennifer my contact info. we'll see what happens.

Jenn is a sorority sister and was (and i'm sure *is* still) an amazing woman and good friend. i don't know exactly how we lost touch. so, i'm hopeful that we'll connect again, somehow.

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