Friday, May 19, 2006

It's Friday, I'm in Love

Oh my gosh! how did i forget to add THE CURE to my C list??? gah!

and, can any of you tell me why Safari doesn't let me see these fabulous things that are on the blogger page like the quick and easy Bold and italics and the quick linky thing and the quote-y thing and the COLORS? and and and and?? all i have on safari is the spell check and picture doo dah. bastards. (how did i not add bastards/bastardos to my B list? i LOVE that outburst word).

maybe it's b/c i don't have tiger installed - i'm only on panther. maybe i don't have the newest version of safari. i just don't know. but it's just plain wrong, i tell you. wrong wrong wrong.

but back to the friday i'm in love bit...i love the song, it's a pretty happy one considering it's the cure and all that. and my fabulous husband is just fabulous. not for any reason in particular. he just is. *beam*

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