Friday, May 19, 2006


Jo Beth Williams is Charlie and Don Epps mother. What??? you don't know about what i am talking? that would be my friday night fun -- NUMB3RS.

jo beth williams is kind of like andie mcdowell (sp?) for me. i like some things she's in, other things, she does nothing for me. BUT - she is in one of my most favorite movies (ack! i don't have that one in my fave movies part of my profile...) American Dreamer.

ugh! and i forgot to put Cary Grant into my C list. When he died, i felt crushed. I love his movies.

and cary laird - my bigtime crush in high school.

i should be in bed.


Deb R said...

How weird that the original pic wouldn't work. I looked at the URL for it and it looked like it SHOULD work. At least Rob got something to stick.

I don't think I listed A.D. in my fave movies list either, which is a real oversight. Damn you, Rebbecca Ryan!

Lostcheerio said...

When I saw Cary Laird, I read that as Larry Bird!!! That basketball player with the hatchethead! Hehehe.

You should hook up your phone to your blog!!! Instant gratification. C'mon!!!!!

Jaye said...

Youc an go back and amend your list. I think you should! Just go to the edit post area and add it in.