Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lydia Made Me Do It

So, a while ago (april 30, i think was the exact date), The Very Lovely Lydia told me i had to get a blog so that we could blog our May Meltdown. so i have a blog on xanga but so far, i can't figure out how anyone and everyone can comment w/o being a member. and here, on blogger, you *can* comment whether or not you're a member (gads, i hope i have the settings right for that....

so now i have to figure out some of the html carpola so i can do stuff. and it will take me a while, i'm sure, to figure out the whole picture thing. but i'll get there eventually.

and now -- onto WORDPLAY. Wordplay is this cool personal alphabet/dictionary doodah that Laume is hosting. hosting? i don't know what to call what she's doing, but she's doing it. if you want to know more about it click here. i'm way behind everyone, but it's fun. join in if you'd like.

A is for...

Absolutely — I find that I use this word a whole lot these days. and it’s almost always a CAPITALIZED word in my head when I say it.

Alcohol — I don’t drink it very often anymore. not that I ever drank it a whole lot. I was often the designated driver. this meant that when I *DID* want to drink, I absolutely got to :)

Antinori — the street on which we live now

Arrow Smith — the street on which we lived when we first moved to Nevada

Alma — the street on which we lived from 1998 – 2003. Our first house together that we owned. It was in Rohnert Park - The Friendly City. Very funky, we loved it.

Arizona and Alaska — two A states I’ve visited

Art — I’m pretty passionate about art, though it doesn’t always show through. I’m especially passionate about children’s art. I think that staying in the lines is NOT anything important. when you give a little kid, toddler or preschooler, googly eyes, they shouldn’t HAVE to put the eyes where they go. some of my favorite artworks were when my bitties and the toddlers I taught would put them everywhere. it was wonderful. I love the chicken that irene made that was totally different than the original idea. she and rhys both see things I don’t. hmm...okay, maybe I’ve spent a bit too long on this — time to move on :)

assenine — this can describe a lot of people. it can also describe a lot of people in our government

applause — doesn’t everyone like to get some of this?

awake — what I am more often than not

alive — it’s a good thing.

amor — is there anything better?

“again, mama” -- a sentence that is often said in my house

Alpha Xi Delta
— the sorority to which I belong. actually, it’s a Fraternity of Women and was founded in 1893. I was a member of the beta class at Sonoma State University (Theta Beta). Some of my best friends are from that group of women.

August 28, 1991 — the evening my life changed. I met Rob.

aware – it’s an amazing thing to see how aware my kids are...and then, some days, not so much *smile*

agile – me? not so much these days...but I’m working on it. Irene, however is VERY agile

angry – yeah, sometimes.

amazing grace — I really like this hymn. when played on a bagpipe, it can bring me, and my mom, and my gramma, etc. to tears

adventure — we like adventures here. sometimes an adventure is just going to the coffee store in our jams in order to get yummy coffee and hot chocolates. other times it’s doing things like we did this weekend...going geocache-ing (geocaching?) off road.

(the) Abyss – a movie I enjoyed. a word I like, but don’t ever want to fall into

abalone – when it’s cooked properly, it’s amazing!!! when I was in 4th grade, we went to see a play — it took place under the sea. the only thing I remember is that there was an abalone in it who often said “AAAAAAAAAAAAh, Baloney!”

amazing — another good word :)

Adam Sandler — omg, opera man? fabbo! loved him in the wedding singer too

abracadabra! -- we all need some magic in our lives

ants — I like them from afar. they make me itchy when they are in large numbers by my house. there are very odd black ants here in sparks, they are bigger than the normal black ants (or rather, the ones I’ve known all my life), and they don’t squish when stepped on – accidentally or not so much

asparagas — okay, I never noticed my pee smelled differently until rob and I were dating and had dinner w/friends. the friends and rob were mentioning it and I didn’t know what they were talking about...from that day on, I’ve noticed it. and I love asparagas

aubergine – yummmmmmm eggplant!!!

ardent – the meaning of Rhys’ name. he is indeed ardent, enthusiastic, passionate :)

atronomy – I love space and I love watching the stars and miss moon, and the planets.

Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo — I love mythology. I used to know so much about so many gods and goddesses. I need to re-read some of my books.

airplane — I used to fly from Ontario to Oakland once/month when my parents were newly remarried (to different people). after that, I flew once ever few months.

al dente – the way I like my pasta and my veggies

alphabet — where would I be w/o it? I love LOVE to read

Australia – a place I want to visit

avocado – one of my most favorite fruits. my gramma and uncle both have avocado trees. when I was pregnant w/rhys, my gramma sent up some avocados w/my dad and stepmom. I ate one every day until they were gone. dad gum were they GOOOOOD!!

artichoke - such a fun food to eat. and such a delicious heart!

*asterisk* - I like them. I use them. a lot

all done — for now *smile*


Lostcheerio said...

Hehehe. What's CARPOLA?

Is that like a bullshit carpool? Or? What?

kristen said...

carpola/carp all the words we use for CRAP in our of our special swear words w/o swearing - heh. Upidstay is another we use. god help us when irene learns pig latin. we'll have to switch to ubbydubby and i've never been very good at that.