Friday, May 19, 2006

heavy duty frustration...

mother fucker. how does one GET a picture onto the profile?? i've been trying for the past hour. i'm not happy (can you tell?).

rob couldn't do it either w/the picture i'd chosen and was trying to use...but he DID link up a different picture.

the profile picture is of us on our 10th anniversary.

the picture above is from when rhys was 2 months old at the Rib Fest.


Deb R said...

Here's whatcha do m'dear:

Pull up your blog page. Up in the upper left corner, click where it says "blogger" and that'll take you to your dashboard page. Then click on "edit profile." About 1/3 of the way down that page you'll see a place that says "Photograph" and below that it says "Photo URL." Type (or copy/paste...whatever) the URL of the photo into that box, then hit "Save Profile" and the next time you pull up your blog, your beautiful smiling face should be looking back at us from the sidebar.

I love it when I know the answer to somethin'! :-)

kristen said...

thanks, deb.

that's what i'm trying to do -- but it keeps telling me it only supports gif or jpeg. i'm *using* a jpeg, so i'm confused. rob's going to try and fix it for me in a few minutes. i thought it wasn't working b/c maybe it was too big, but it's only 18 kb right now. bizarro. i'm using firefox now b/c safari didn't show me all the pretty shortcuts *smile*

hey! it's LATE where you live!